What to Do Before Starting a Weight Loss Diet

Weight loss programs are sometimes just simplified to "special" weight loss recipes. However to lose weight successfully you need to overcome psychological blocks first. Eating healthy food is a natural outcome of changing the image you hold of yourself in your mind.

If you start your weight loss program with changing your diet and exercising you will need to overcome a lot of resistance. Eventually you will just stop following your program because you will find it too hard to continue.

An extra weight you have can be as a result of many things from a physical imbalance in the body to complex psychological issues. Concentrating on your extra weight daily through eating special foods, weighing yourself frequently and thinking "I am so fat" will not solve the problem; it will just perpetuate it.

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Weight loss as anything else starts in the mind. First of all stop weighing yourself daily; do it once a week or even less frequently. Do daily affirmation and visualization exercises to improve your self-image: you need to start thinking of yourself as a thin person before you can effortlessly implement new diets and exercise into your life.

Use EFT and NLP techniques to deal with psychological issues and different cravings. If more complex issues resurface, it is better to see a professional psychotherapist to help you deal with them.

Once you start loving and accepting yourself the way you are and create a "thin" image of yourself in your mind, you will know exactly what the right diet and right exercise is for you to lose weight. At this point you can choose from many weight loss diets/exercise/detoxification programs available. You will also be able to follow any program you choose effortlessly till you reach your weight loss goal.

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