2 Simple Ways to Defeat Weight Loss Plateau

Can't shed off any more of those excess weight? Do you seem to be hitting a brick wall trying to get rid of more of those pounds other that the ones that you have already lose?

If you have answered yes to either of these question, you are currently experiencing a situation commonly known as weight loss plateau! Weight loss plateau is a situation where you can't seem to burn off any of those fats any more. At the start of trying a new diet program, you might have lose a few pounds successfully but after that you are not able bring it down.

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What causes weight loss plateau?

Weight loss plateau happens when you keep doing the same set of exercises and eating the same types of food day in and day out. When you do this, your body got used to your exercise routine and diet so it adjust itself to burn fats according to the amount of food that you eat and the exercise that you did. As a result, your weight loss method will failed to achieved a consistent result.

You need to change your exercise routine and eating habits in order to defeat weight loss plateau.

There are 2 simple ways to overcome weight loss plateau.

1. Do More Exercise: If you have not been exercising or have just been exercising moderately, then you need to put in more time and effort on those workouts. Doing more intensive workouts will actually increase your metabolic rate, which means that your body will burn more fat. The more fats your body burn, the more pounds you lose.

Exercising is one of the most effective weight loss methods so try to love them and don't be afraid to exercise.

2. Have Enough Food: Your body needs fuel to burn those fat and it can only get those fuels from the food that you eat. Don't starve yourself and don't practice calorie counting. When you practice calorie counting and start eating low calorie foods, there is no incentive for the body to increase your metabolic rate as it has only a few calories to burn.

When this happens, your metabolic rate will be at a low level and this means that your body will only burn a minimal amount of fat in your body.

So make sure that you have enough food for yourself but don't overeat!

If you follow these 2 simple ways, you will soon defeat weight loss plateau and get the sexy body that you desire.

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