Psychological Weight Loss Tips

It goes without saying that you need to change your lifestyle in order to lose weight and maintain it. You need to eat healthy, nutritional food, exercise, implement stress reduction techniques in your life - all of them are important for weight loss. However there is another aspect that can facilitate the weight loss process and in some cases help to lose forever the stubborn extra weight that was coming back over and over again despite persistent weight loss efforts. It is the power of our mind.

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Below are the tips to help you use the power of your mind for weight loss:

1) You need to believe that you will lose weight, visualize yourself slim to facilitate the weight loss process.

Everything starts in our mind. The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is just our imagination. If you keep sending wrong messages to it such as "I am fat", "I am overweight", then your mind will do everything to keep it real so you will always sabotage your best weight loss efforts; you will not even understand why it happens. Use affirmations such as "I am slim and beautiful" and visualize yourself slim. Do not discuss your extra weight instead just continue with your weight loss program.

2) Overeating and emotional eating can be a result of not loving and accepting ourselves. Affirmations such as "I love and accept myself", "I forgive myself for everything I've done to myself" repeated in a deeply relaxed position for about 10 minutes as well as throughout the day can help change your attitude to everything in life including food. You can let your emotions out in a journal or see a professional psychotherapist if the problems are too deep and outside help is needed.

3) If you don't allow yourself to lose weight through sabotaging your efforts the reason might also be that you can't forgive yourself or other people. Non forgiveness is an enormous emotional burden that eventually manifests physically as extra weight.

In your journal list the people you can't forget and then go one by one imagine them standing in front of you and send them your forgiveness. You should really feel the forgiveness in your heart. If this is a painful and emotional process for you, do it with the help of professional psychotherapist. And finally forgive yourself for everything you think you did to yourself and to others. Reading spiritual literature such as "A course in miracles" can help you better understand what the forgiveness is and what it can do for you.

The way we think, our emotional burdens have tremendous power over our lives in general and our health and weight in particular. If you succeed to change your negative thinking patterns and let go of emotional burdens of the past for the sake of self-love if not for anything else, you will be able to see clearly and take steps towards positive changes in every single are of your life.

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