Weight Loss Program - How to Lose 50 Lbs of Fat?

That's right I said 50 lbs of fat. Before you roll your eyes and think, oh this is just another weight loss program scam, let me explain. The information I am going to give you will help you to lose those 50 lbs but you need to understand that if you truly desire that change it comes with a cost. In other words, you have to work for it.

First thing you need to do when creating a weight loss program is setup some realistic goals. Your first goal is going to be the total amount of fat you want to lose. That's your long term goal for your new weight loss program. Make sure to write this down several times on multiple pieces of paper and post it all over the place so that you are constantly reminded of it.

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Your next step is to create monthly and weekly goals. Make these easily attainable goals. For example, my goal is to lose 2 pounds a week and 8 pounds a month. Remember don't confuse losing weight with losing fat. It's very easy to lose weight but it's not easy to lose fat. To track your progress I would recommend buying a fat percentage analyzer. You can get a cheap one for $30.

Now that you have your weekly, monthly, and long term weight loss program goals setup, how do you plan on attaining these goals? What are you going to do to achieve these goals?

Again, you need to write out more goals to achieve those goals. You can start by choosing to eat healthier. For example, "my goal is to completely cut sugar out of my diet." Now setup a time frame to accomplish that goal. Once you feel that you have accomplished that goal you can move onto your next goal. Maybe you need to eat more fruits and vegetables. You see where I'm going?

The key to losing weight in all of the best weight loss programs is goal setting. You create a big picture goal then you create smaller goals to reach that goal. For each of the smaller goals you create even more goals to help you reach your final goal. What you have done is just created your very own weight loss program.

You have now unleashed your most powerful tool, your mind. With all of your goals written out, you have begun to reprogram your mind to focus on losing those 50lbs of fat. If you stay focused on your goals you will reach your final goal. The key is not to get discouraged when you don't reach a particular goal. Allow yourself the ability to cheat here and there. You are not a machine; you need to give yourself breaks from your routine.

If you still aren't sure how to setup all of these goals, you're in luck. The internet is a vast source of information. The only problem is who can you trust? Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there looking to scam you.

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