Easy Weight Loss Exercise You Will Love

Want to know an easy weight loss exercise that's fun to do? It's no secret that losing weight takes both diet and exercise. But hey let's face it, if you're anything like me the hard part isn't knowing what to do, it's doing it that's challenging! Why do you think that is? It's very simple really, exercise can be extremely boring. So what's the easy weight loss exercise that's fun?

For a long time I struggled with weight loss. I dragged myself to the gym, but I barely succeeded at losing any weight. Then one of the trainers there asked me what I did for fun, and I answered "Well... not much." And that was when it hit me like a lightning bolt. I suddenly realized what my easy weight loss exercise was!

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While I was realizing all of this I was walking, very slowly, on the treadmill.  Looking around me what did I see? People sitting on bikes slowly pedaling while reading books, or watching TV. Some of them looked as if they might actually doze off any minute! That was when I realized I wasn't having an easy time with my weight loss because I wasn't applying myself! Why not? Because walking on that treadmill listening to my MP3 playlist for the 967th time was the most boring thing on Earth! So what did I decide to do?

I did the three things that I had been putting off until after I lost weight. I biked, I hiked and I swam. When I started doing the things that I really enjoyed, I found that I simply could not wait to get out there and do the exercise. Yes, the easy weight loss exercise is simple. Do something fun that you enjoy! This activity can be anything, as long as you get your heart rate up a bit, and maintain it for a minimum of 30 minutes. You will find the same thing that I did. So what happened next?

After I lost my 20 extra pounds someone at the gym asked me, "You've lost so much weight, but I only see you here once a week! How did you do it?" The answer is simple. Instead of going to the gym, I did something more enjoyable. I did something fun! My easy weight loss exercise may be different from yours, but the principle still applies. Keep your heart rate up for a minimum of 30 minutes (you may find you do more because you're having such a great time) and go for it! Want more ideas?

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