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The benefits of drinking Green tea for for general health and in particular for weight loss has been gaining momentum for some time. No wonder numerous versions of this Green Tea has been flooding the market and it obviously becomes very hard to find a genuine product that will give the desired results. Out of all the weight loss tea products available in the market, the Easy Weight Loss Tea stands out with its unique blend of the most effective natural ingredients that are responsible for shedding the unwanted fat in a faster and easier way.

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The Easy Weight Loss Tea, also called as the Wu-Yi tea is actually a type of Oolong Tea. The Oolong tea has been used by the Chinese for centuries to cure many diseases and proven to cause weight loss when consumed regularly.

Wu-Yi obtained its name from the WuYi mountains in China where it is being grown and harvested. The Wu-Yi tea tastes great and has a very pleasing aroma that is the result of a unique and precise method of fermentation. This fermentation process also makes the Wu-Yi tea more effective in burning up the unwanted fat safely and at a faster rate.

The Easy Weight Loss Tea contains ingredients like garcinia cambogia, gymnema sylvestre, chromium polynicotinate, green tea and acai berry. These are combined in a unique and perfect way to give optimum results without any side effects.

The garcinia cambogia and acai berry are effective in suppressing hunger which is most essential to lose weight and gymnema sylvestre has been used to treat diabetes.

The Easy Weight Loss Tea [http://www.greenteaweightlosshome.com] has huge amounts of antioxidants called polyphenols. Unlike black tea which is completely oxidised, the green tea is steamed and fermented with other ingredients to preserve the useful antioxidants, falvonoids and tannins. The green tea detoxifies our entire system and increases the metabolism by producing extra heat that burns up the unwanted calories at a faster rate. It also contains EGCG which increases the energy outflow of our body necessary for a healthy and energetic lifestyle. The polyphenol also helps to delay the reactions of gastric and pancreatic lipases that are enzymes which are responsible for converting the unwanted calories into fat. All these ingredients work together to give the Wu-Yi tea its unique results. Studies have shown that by drinking Wu-Yi tea regularly and following an easy diet and exercise routine it is possible to lose up to 25 pounds of weight. The Easy Weight Loss Tea or the Wu-Yi tea can be the answer for your search of a perfect weight loss product that is natural in every way without any side effects.

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