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An effective rapid weight loss system that actually works can be tricky to find. There's a lot of rubbish out there and it can be quite easy to fall into the trap of buying the next best weight loss product. The truth is there's no real need for 90% of them. So what does work? Let's discuss...

The core principles of any rapid weight loss system will always consist of diet and exercise. Yes that's the truth. You can't escape from these two concepts. However you shouldn't let them scare you because if you do them right, you should be enjoying them. Dieting is a tricky concept that's often misunderstood,

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An effective diet is one that you actually enjoy. Those low carb, low fat and starvation diets you hear about do NOT work. They deprive your body of much needed nutrients and on top of that they make your life miserable. A rapid weight loss system diet should consist of meal plans that you enjoy. Yes you need to eat fruits, veges and lean meats but the key is in the preparation.

There are hundreds of healthy recipes out there that taste great. Cook these up and enjoy! Forget about counting calories, just eat meals that you know are healthy and taste great. A rapid weight loss system should aim for 6 meals a day as this keeps your metabolism burning. Also if you work and have a family, my advice is to bulk cook a few times a week and then pack the food into containers. This saves time and lets you spend more time getting on with your life.

The next part is exercise. Cardio is the key to a rapid weight loss system. Running, walking, swimming and skipping are all excellent choices. 20 minutes every second day is fine but if you can do more, do more. The more you do the faster you will lose weight.

Much like dieting, cardio should not be hated and avoided. Here are some tips to keep it exciting. Mix it up! Trying swimming one day, followed by running the next. Then try riding or skipping. This keeps your mind from getting sick of the same routine. A small MP3 player will also help a great deal for the running and riding sessions. Listening to music and letting your imagination take over is a fantastic way to get through those cardio sessions. Get lost in your thoughts and before you know it you'll be done!

As you can see a rapid weight loss system is no mystery. Combining effective dieting with effective cardio will turn your body into an amazing calorie burning machine. In just weeks you'll start looking amazing. No magic pills or machines are going to help you. Use these two concepts properly and effectively to help you lose weight rapidly.

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