Why Even the Best Weight Loss Programs Eventually Fail

There are a lot of great programs out there to loss weight, and even some I thought that were the best weight loss programs in the world, but over the years I've come to realize that there is one missing ingredient to almost every weight loss program out there.

They don't let you cheat enough!

You see, in my opinion nobody has come up with a weight loss program powerful enough to let you cheat enough that you won't eventually go back to your old eating habits and start eating junk food and gaining weight again.

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Unfortunately even the best weight loss programs don't include this because they expect you to be perfect in all ways for some reason.

Because some people, usually the people selling the best weight loss programs you find out there, are people who have great genetics and very strong willpower.

Well not everyone is so lucky, and they don't understand that!

To me the best weight loss programs would include the ability to cheat one in awhile. Granted you can't eat burgers and fries everyday, that's just unrealistic, but I think we should be allowed to indulge ourselves once in awhile - don't you?

So then you only have 2 options.

Option 1 - you follow the advice of people who can give you a very good program for weight loss and try to follow it as much as you can, trying to turn it into a lifestyle and not a "diet.

Option 2 - you accept that you may never get 6 pack abs or a stomach so flat people would think you're a model, and be happy with that. You can't live up to unrealistic expectations that the media gives you. It's hard work staying in "model-like" shape - trust me!

All in all my suggestion is this:

You can look for the best weight loss programs out there but eventually it comes down to you finding one that you're comfortable with and that you can follow day in and day out according to your own personal lifestyle. Once you do that, you'll lose weight easier than ever and although you may never be "model-like" you'll still look great!

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