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Why is weight loss seen as such a big issue now the festive period is over? People tend to feast and feast till their belly is near to bursting because they could not help but over indulge in eating their favourite fattening foods. Folk believe Christmas time and New Year a favourable excuse for doing this.

Into the New Year an epidemic of panic always comes to the fore when people see they carry excess weight because of their festive passion to belly bust. What makes this scenario a somewhat bizarre thing is because in the run up to Christmas people would diet to lose weight, and when achieved, would bang it all back on at one dinner sitting. The mind boggles, but its fact. If you are looking to lose weight without exercising, and go on a diet that allows you to eat what you want, then dream on, because this is not going to happen. I`m not saying you cannot eat your favourite foods and not lose weight, or not exercise, and not lose weight, because you can, it will just take longer to see results. You are most probably thinking I have heard it all before now cut to the chase. What exactly is it you have heard. Could it be the eating of a well balanced diet - and if combined with exercise this is the norm for losing weight. Well if you know this then why question it. Let`s face it there are many things we don't like in life and if it repetitive then even more so, however if repeats involve your health then you need to "listen" listen" "listen."

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If you want to slim down then you need to find a weight loss programme that most ideally suits you and not what others believe to suit you. Losing weight is about endorsing common sense into your weight loss quest to be a success. People make the mistake of taking up with the wrong diet and break the rules because of this. Think about it, if you like your diet then more reason for sticking with it, whereas in comparison if you are dissatisfied it will have you un-stick. Are you waiting until New Year`s Day is out of the way before changes to your eating and exercise habits start, if so this make sense because feasting is far from over yet an we don't want to break the rules so soon showing any sign of weakness. Nevertheless a lifestyle is everyday living, so why should the holidays have any bearing on that, so start dieting today? Do not obey your evil thoughts like

1. I feel too stressed so how can I stick to a healthy eating plan

2. Maybe I should wait until summer to diet

3. My birthday is coming up and I want to enjoy it

4. I'll be meeting so and so for lunch, dinner, coffee, I want to enjoy myself, well you can if you embark on the right diet, and who knows, so and so may also feel the same way to.

Cut down on sugar, do some healthy cooking, get on the treadmill and we are well on the way to shedding them pounds. Incorporate lasting lifestyle changes to achieve a healthier you in the future. Consider walking for half an hour a day 5 times a week, and by doing this it permits you to still eat what you want, helping you maintain your current weight without adding to it.

Where do you start to find the right diet when there are so many to choose from? It is actually a matter of listening to others and about their experiences; some diet information can easily sway you into parting with your money while at the same time putting your health at risk. What do you do when you read that you cannot lose weight using low fat diets, or you won't lose weight using a low calorie dieting plan either, and that low carb plans don`t work.

Eating a low fat menu is not the answer to losing weight.

Eating low calories is the worst thing that you can do to your body, since that will only slow down your body`s fat burning engine and ruin the possibility of losing weight
Low carb menus tend to rob your body of too much energy (carbohydrates.)
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Two regular questions from dieters are: "What is the ideal food portion?" "How many calories should I eat each day in order to lose weight fast?"

Many whim diets have tried to set calorie guidelines which are based on "body weight & height" (and sometimes they factor in "activity level" also.) Most weight loss counselors operate this way too. Some weight loss counselors teach people to follow a precise "daily calorie limit" which is based on their weight & height (and sometimes their activity level is factored in too.) To clarify better and make it simple to understand, some weight loss counselors may tell you to eat 2,000 calories per day if you weigh a certain amount (and if you describe yourself as "active.") Sometimes it pays you not listen if it doesn't make sense. This is nonsense to follow a specific calorie limit each day, since every person has a different metabolism level.

You cannot judge your metabolism by your activity level either, since there are plenty of people with higher activity levels but who are overweight nonetheless (due to a slower than normal metabolism.)

For instance, if you take 2 people who weigh 165 lbs and who have the same activity level each day, then there is no assurance that their metabolisms will be working at the same general level. In fact, it's quite possible that one person`s metabolism will be nearly twice as fast as the other person`s metabolism.

It is because of these distinct indecisiveness`s in the world of dieting that you have to be absolutely sure of the diet you pick is right. Dieting is about cutting down and exercising, along with eating fresh fruit and vegetables and grilling instead of frying. If you juggle these onto your day you will have set your own personalized diet, instead of paying out to be told the same.

Chicken pancake recipe to get you off to a good start. Skinless chicken breast is a good source of protein, which is also low in fat.

1 tbsp olive oil
3 Chicken breasts, skinless (about 400g total)
1 Jar/165g Hoi sin & Spring onion stir fry sauce
Spring Onions, sliced lengthways
1 Cucumber, sliced into batons
8 Chinese pancakes


Slice spring onions lengthways into thin strips about 3" long. Cut cucumber into 3" cubes and slice into thin batons. Cut chicken breasts into thin strips.

Heat the oil in the wok until smoking, add the chicken and stir fry until golden brown on the outside and white on the inside. Meanwhile - preheat the Chinese pancakes. Once the chicken is cooked, add the stir fry sauce, stir to coat and heat through. Serve an equal portion of chicken to each pancake, top with spring onions and cucumber, roll and serve.

In order to lose weight, it is best to create a calorie deficit. Every individual will have a different caloric intake total, each day of the week, to reach the required 3,500 calorie deficit to lose one pound of body fat.

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