Is Your Quick Weight Loss Slow? Give Yourself a Break From the Bathroom Scale

Do you wake you almost every morning hoping that the bathroom scale will show you your future? You are not alone! Many people do not know how to really weigh themselves and this really does not help with quick weight loss. You may be saying YES I know how to use a scale! But did you really know that weighing yourself involves more knowledge than just stepping on that scale?

The temptation is so irresistible; the scale keeps calling your you weigh yourself your magical numbers are shown and your whole day is blown as no weight loss is shown. Why live your life day to day like this; end the madness now. I was once like you but now I an not; as I don't play these numbers games anymore since the scale is my enemy and not friend; from here on out only quick weight loss is shown.

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If you constantly look at your weight you have probably noticed that you can gain or lose a few pounds all day long. This is actually normal for your body to go thorough, the more you eat or drink the more you will weigh until digestion is complete. The saying is "What goes in must come out..."; As you are probably realizing that this statement is entirely true. Please do not think that you should become involved in an eating disorder in any way; but you should realize that food and drink does add weight to that scale. If you drink a gallon of water before you weight yourself then you will be 2 pounds heavier than you actually are.

So you probably want know when is the perfect time of the day to weigh yourself; well the best time of the day to actually weigh yourself is in the morning within the first 5 to 10 minutes of waking up. Another good rule of thumb is weigh yourself before drinking and eating anything and after you take that morning toilet break. This will tell you your actual body weight if your scale is correct; you should weigh yourself only once or twice a week otherwise you will be back to play the numbers game.

One key to quick weight loss is not to quickly judge yourself by your bathroom scale; you will always lose. And yes I did mean to say that. Funny as it sounds this may be true for most people using quick weight loss methods; not losing weight quick enough. Do you have a quick weight loss plan in action including exercise? Did you know muscle weighs more than fat? Yes, this is very true and an obstacle for many people. Did you know relying on just your scale is not an accurate measurement for body fat or muscle? You can be losing fat and gaining muscle in its place and not even realize it. There are so many methods you can use to burn fat and not gain much muscle mass especially if you do it the right way.

Do yourself a favor the next time you jump on that scale; instead of trying to see the future try looking at the past; It could be a lot worse! Give yourself a pat on the back for doing such a good job, and give yourself some positive reinforcements to brighten your day. Good Luck and I hope you enjoyed and take the first steps of quick weight loss success!

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