How Yoyo Diet Helps in Weight Loss

Almost everyone who wants to lose weight has heard of yoyo dieting. It refers to repeated weight loss and weight gain. The syndrome begins when someone loses a noticeable amount of weight, usually on a restricted-calories diet and then regained the weight. More often dieters regain all of the weight loss when returning to their normal eating habits. This may cause them to restrict calories again, lose more weight and begin the yo-yo dieting cycle again.

Dieters who have cycles of weight loss and weight gain get fatter each time they put the weight back on. During short-term dieting, if the dieter is not exercising, half or more of the weight loss may be due to loss of muscle. This muscle loss can cause three problems. First, with less muscle, the dieter winds up thinner - but weaker. Second, since muscle, not fat burn calories, it is harder than ever before the dieter to maintain weight. Third, as weight is gained back it is mostly fat, since food alone, without exercise, will not build it is mostly fat, since food alone, without exercise, will not build muscle.

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By only restricting calories intake, chronic dieters condition their bodies to survive on fever calories, thereby putting themselves at greater risk for weight gain with the slightest increase in calories intake. Exercise can help offset metabolic slowing by increasing lean body mass which means a person's body will burn more calories at rest. Sticking with one's exercise program is crucial to maintaining one's optimum weight. It helps prevent the regaining of weight.

Yoyo diet plan can upset one's personality as well because it is disheartening to regain lost weight. It is better to lose weight more slowly and maintain the loss. In some circumstances yoyo dieting can result in poor body image and a negative attitude towards food.

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