Is Permanent Weight Loss Possible?

Permanent weight loss is one of the toughest things for most people to accomplish and is achieved by educating yourself in four areas: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. Experts agree that the safest and most effective way to achieve permanent weight loss is to follow a healthy eating plan and get adequate physical activity (at least 300 minutes per week). The best combination for permanent weight loss is diet, exercise and nutritionally analyze everything that you eat. Exercise Exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other age related chronic diseases. Personalized nutrition combined with safe and effective exercise will not only help you lose the weight but will help you implement the habits that will keep you fit for a life time.

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Exercise programs include a variety of options, including low-impact, low-intensity activities such as walking, biking, and swimming. Loosing weight through exercise is best, however, if you are too heavy to exercise, I totally understand as I was 398 pounds and that required that I lose some weight just to have enough energy to exercise. Diets Are you overwhelmed by the number of diets on the market and unsure about what steps to take to get fit and healthy once and for all. Some people, in the pursuit of thinness, are going on high-protein diets and are eating up to four times the amount of protein that their body needs. People on high-protein diets are consuming up to 34% of their total calories in the form of protein and up to 53% of total calories from fat.

Many people on these diets also experience an elevation in their LDL (the bad) cholesterol when they remain on this diet for long periods. Another reason weight loss is achieved on these high-protein diets, at least temporarily, is actually due to water loss. Did you know that the National Institute for Health says the statistics on failure rates for diets and diet books is 90%. The reality is Most diets either have you starving your system or else they are not geared realistically for you to follow for the rest of your life. You would think with the number of diets out there that success should be practically guaranteed. The key to permanent weight loss is a lifestyle change, not just a diet. Health professionals tend to agree that the best way of achieving healthy, permanent weight loss is a mixture of both.

People trying to lose weight find it easier if they are using both tactics, mainly because they can eat more if they exercise more. For some people, permanent weight loss is an elusive goal and the chronic obesity their facing takes a serious toll on their health, wellness, and self-esteem. The only path to permanent weight loss is through commitment to a healthier lifestyle that incorporates regular exercise and a nutritious diet.

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