Is This the Best Diet For Weight Loss?

Trying to figure out exactly what the best diet for weight loss is can be a challenging feat.You have 1 person telling you 1 thing while another person contradicts what you just heard. It can get very confusing!

Today I'm going to tell you what I believe is the best diet for weight loss - and more specifically - the best diet for permanent weight loss, not just short-term.

The first thing you need to know is that the best diet for weight loss isn't just about dieting - it's about combining resistance training with dieting. If you lose weight without resistance training, some of that weight will be muscle. And without muscle, your body shape isn't going to change that much. You can lose weight but not look any better than before!

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Next, you're going to need to eat more protein. If you want any chance of gaining or maintaining your muscle while you lose weight, protein is the key. Not only does it help build lean muscle, it helps you burn more fat due to it's thermogenic effect which is 30% stronger than carbohydrates and up to 1000% stronger than the thermogenic effect from fat.

The best diet for weight loss will also include learning to stop eating carbs late at night. Your body can't process them as well at night and as a result you'll store more carbs as fat the later you eat into the night. Instead of going to bed on an empty stomach, I'd suggest eating lean protein right before bed with eating vegetables or nothing at all.

Cottage cheese is also a great pre-bed snack.

Another thing the best diet for weight loss needs is for you to cut out all other liquids than coffee, tea and water. Liquids can add up to 30% more calories into your daily diet and are a huge factor for a lot of people trying to lose weight. That means no soda, no alcohol, and no juices. Granted, you can't do this forever, but just be as careful about that as you can be without going crazy.

Although I can only give you a few tips in an article like this, keep in mind that the best weight loss diet has to do with your current circumstances. Take into account how much time you have, what your preferences are, and what you can afford into designing the best diet for weight loss for you and you'll have a much easier time.

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